As the Metro Mayor recently announced, Merseyrail are working in partnership with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to develop a tap-and-go ticketing system which will be rolled out across Merseyrail’s Northern and Wirral lines.

Phase 1 will launch in the Autumn of 2024 and will allow you to tap in and out using a MetroCard, which will be linked to your bank or credit card and take payment for the journeys you make.

The second phase will launch in 2025, and will allow you to use your bank card, or devices such as smart phones or watches, to tap in and out, without the need for a MetroCard.

The key things you need to know about tap-and-go are;

  • Tap-and-go works by tapping in at the start and end of your journey, using a platform validator or ticket gate.
  • You will automatically be charged the best value fare for the journey you are making using tap-and-go - capped on a daily or weekly basis.
  • You’ll be able to use tap-and-go on Merseyrail’s Northern and Wirral lines, with further integration with other rail network and modes of transport planned in the future.
  • Our full range of non-tap-and-go products including Trio, Saveaway and Railpass will still be available to purchase either at your local station or online using your MetroCard via the MetroSmart portal.
  • Ticket offices at Merseyrail stations will remain open as they are currently, offering you help and advice as you travel around the network.

We will be sharing more details of these exciting developments as we get closer to tap-and-go launching on the Merseyrail network.