We have 68 stations across the Liverpool City Region, including four underground stations in the city centre which receive services every few minutes.


Regular services

There are 600 regular service per day, which run every 15 minutes on the Northern and Wirral lines.

100,000 +


We have over 100,000 passengers through our stations on an average weekday, with Liverpool Central being one of the busiest stations outside of London.



We offer a range of advertising opportunities at our stations, on our trains and at our ticket gates.

MR Hunts Cross Station MODULE

Rental Opportunities

As significant numbers of passengers pass through our stations every day, and by taking over one of our properties this is the perfect way to promote your brand. To find out more about the commercial properties, click here.

Crowd 850 X 350

Experiential Promotions

Our busy, high footfall stations provide the perfect backdrop for you to promote your products and services. To find out more about how you can do this read more, here.

Filming BANNER


Merseyrail’s trains and 68 stations across the Liverpool City Region provide the perfect setting for filming. We offer many unique locations including filming onboard train carriages and platforms. Merseyrail has featured in the X Factor, Hollyoaks and several BBC documentaries.

On Platform 3 850 X 350

Travel Scheme

Merseyrail’s Corporate Season Ticket scheme is a great way to encourage your employees to travel more sustainably in an affordable way. Find out more about this benefit, here.

MR Amazon Locker MODULE

Customer Experience Solutions

Merseyrail has several passenger initiatives located at its stations, designed to help take the pressure off daily life. These include Amazon lockers, Selecta vending machines, Photo Me and Battpoint machines.