Now get the latest train information through your Amazon Alexa device with the new Merseyrail Info skill!

Find out the latest line status and details on the next train from your nearest station, all through the sound of your voice. The first time you use it say ‘Alexa, enable Merseyrail info’ and the skill will be installed on your, account. From then on just ask your smart device for information using the phrase "launch Merseyrail Info." The more you use Merseyrail Info on your Alexa device, the smarter and more accurate your Alexa will be!

Example phrases include:

  • "Alexa/Echo, launch Merseyrail Info"

This will give you a short introduction message, and will enable you to follow up with another instruction.

  • "Alexa, ask Merseyrail Info when the next train from Chester to Liverpool is."

This will run a journey plan and give the next three times; it will then ask if you want to save them as your defaults.

  • "Alexa, how are services with Merseyrail Info?"

This will provide a summary of any incidents on Merseyrail network. 

  • "Alexa, how is the West Kirby line from Merseyrail Info"

If there are any additional details available, they will be read out.