As an electric traction fleet, our trains which are powered without burning fossil fuels are already amongst the lowest carbon modes of transport to travel throughout the region and have been for over 100 years.

However, in response to the challenge of climate change, we acknowledge that we need to contribute towards delivering the UK’s target of significant carbon savings.

Since 2013, we have reduced our stations overall electricity use by 19% through a combination of employee engagement programmes as well as technology enhancements. LED lighting and smart controls are being rolled out to stations where a 30% reduction in electricity consumption has been achieved at these locations. 

Sustainable Stations

We have a Project Environment and Energy Strategy which supports our carbon reduction plan with the aim to make all our station refurbishments as eco and energy efficient as possible.

Successes to date see all new station refurbishments include new technologies such as LED lighting on sensors, water saving devices and increased glazing to improve natural light.

Celebrating the sustainable features of Ainsdale station

The greatest example of our sustainable improvements is the redevelopment of Ainsdale station – which is our most eco and environmental station on the network. The station was designed with sustainability at its heart and has a multitude of green features. These include a rainwater harvesting system to feed the toilets and thermal insulation levels which exceed standards. Canopy overhangs in the highly glazed areas to reduce overheating and the need for artificial cooling. Concourse areas that are highly glazed to decrease the dependence on artificial lighting. Lighting which is LED low energy. And, 30m2 of solar panels - which provide energy for the majority of the station, significantly reducing the use of a mains supply. In addition, Merseyrail has provided a dedicated local base for Merseyside Police, offering a valuable customer service.

The station has been awarded a CEEQUAL rating of ‘Excellent’ by the Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment and Award recognising the partnership of Merseyrail, Owen Ellis Architects and Morgan Sindall who were instrumental in the success of the project.

Waste Management

Have you ever wondered where all the newspapers left on our trains or empty drinks bottles on our stations end up?

All our general waste, including litter from our stations and trains is collected by and taken to B&M local Waste Recycling Facility. They remove all our non-segregated general waste and litter, segregate it, and recycle it or create energy from the waste on our behalf. Nothing ends up in landfill.