Merseyrail Service Status

Northern Line

  • SouthportGood Service
  • OrmskirkGood Service
  • KirkbyGood Service
  • Hunts CrossGood Service

Wirral Line

  • West KirbyGood Service
  • New BrightonGood Service
  • Ellesmere PortGood Service
  • ChesterGood Service
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Passenger Information

Strike Action Update

The RMT have suspended the nine days of strikes planned for consecutive Saturdays in November and December 2019. For more information click the link above.

River of Light Fireworks

Get there by train

Don't miss the River of Light fireworks, plan your journey now.

River of Light Fireworks

Chester & Ellesmere Port lines

Changes to 3 & 6 car trains

Details of changes to 3 & 6 car train times during platform upgrade works.

Chester & Ellesmere Port lines