Merseyrail Service Status

Northern Line

  • SouthportGood Service
  • OrmskirkMajor Disruption

    Alterations to services to Ormskirk Due to a fire next to the track at Aintree the Ormskirk line is disrupted. Disruption is expected until 18:00 11/04.
    Impact:Train services to Ormskirk will be suspended.Additional Information:Due to a line side fire in the Aintree area, services on the Ormskirk line are suspended. Rail replacement bus services have been requested to run between Walton and Ormskirk in both directions but are not yet in operation. Passengers are advised to board the Kirkby service and alight at Rice Lane then make your way on foot to Walton. Further updates will be announced when available.

  • KirkbyGood Service
  • Hunts CrossGood Service

Wirral Line

  • West KirbyGood Service
  • New BrightonGood Service
  • Ellesmere PortGood Service
  • ChesterGood Service
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