We realise that some disabled customers with restricted mobility may be nervous about using public transport, especially if they don't use it very often.

Merseyrail is working hard to make it faster and easier for everyone to get around our network as safely as possible. We are therefore introducing an access  pass scheme for certain types of scooters on our trains.

If you require assistance at one of our stations, please contact our Mobility Helpline at least one hour before you travel on 0800 0277 347 (Freephone) or 0151 555 1111 Monday to Friday between 07:00 & 19:00. Outside these hours please call 0151 702 2704.

Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter Requirements

The size and layout of the wheelchair space on Merseyrail trains is limited. Whilst we try to accommodate as many wheelchair or scooter models as possible, there are requirements in place to ensure the safety of all our passengers.

If your scooter meets the following dimensions you can apply for an access pass. This will show that your wheelchair or scooter meets our requirements and is safe to travel with us:

Width 28 inches (70cm)

Length 48 inches (120cm)

Weight 300 kg combined weight


Access Pass

We will assess your scooter for its suitability to travel on our network and issue a compliant scooter access pass for use on Merseyrail trains. Carrying your access pass at all times when travelling on our services will make it quicker and easier for you.

We know there are many different models of scooters that will not comply with these specifications; in these circumstances a member of Merseyrail staff will make an assessment on an individual basis.

If you wish to apply for a mobility scooter access pass, please contact the Customer Relations Team via phone, email or post here.

Boarding and Alighting Trains

Ramps to access the train are installed at all our disabled accessible stations. Details of those stations can be found here.

Our staff will help you to board the train by putting the ramp down between the platform and the train. When using the ramp you should approach it from straight on, as trying to negotiate from an angle could lead to risk of tipping over. Once you’re in the designated wheelchair space you must switch off the power and apply the brake.

When leaving the train a member of our staff will put the ramp down for you. Please ensure you are leaving the train at an accessible station.

Your Safety

Before travelling you should make sure that:

  • Your scooter is properly maintained and has enough power to make your journey.
  • Your scooter is not overloaded with bags or other objects that may make it unstable or unsafe while using the ramp to board or exit the train.
  • Our staff will advise you of the safest way to enter and exit stations, lifts and trains.


Useful Websites

  • Help the Aged
  • RICA - Getting around for seniors and older people, unbiased mobility information
  • Motability Scheme - helps people with a disability exchange their mobility allowance for a new car, mobility scooter or electric wheelchair.


In Summary:

  • Make travelling easier and apply for your access pass.
  • If you have an access pass please carry it with you when travelling.
  • If you turn up at a station without pre booking one hour before and the next available train you require is busy, for your safety you may be advised to wait for the next train.


Mobility Scooters Information Leaflet