We communicate with you through various different channels (email, telephone, letter and face to face). Social media continues to become more accessible, particularly while you're on the move.  We see it as a fantastic tool to provide you with real-time service information and to answer queries that you might have.

You can follow Merseyrail on Twitter here: twitter.com/merseyrail 

We have an excellent team of people that work on our social media accounts; they have a wealth of knowledge about the railway and how it works and will always try their best to help you.

What you can expect from us on Twitter

  • Our Twitter team provide service information & advice every day from 06:00 to 23:30 as detailed in our Twitter bio. The only exception to this is Christmas Day when the train service is not running.
  • We might need to request some feedback or escalate certain queries to a manager, please bear with us if this happens. One of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • If you require a detailed explanation of something or are making a complaint that cannot be easily addressed on Twitter; we might need to re-direct you to our Customer Relations team so that your concerns are properly logged and dealt with. Our tweet will contain a link enabling you to do this.
  • We aim to answer every question individually. During times of major service disruption we may need to go into our own 'disruption mode'. This means that instead of responding to individual tweets, we will focus on tweeting out the latest updates for everyone's benefit.
  • We run a very reliable train service.  However, due to the number of services we operate, we are unable to broadcast information on individual train delays. We therefore aim to provide information when there is significant service disruption and there is a blockage of the line requiring alternative transport to be provided. Should you require information on a delay below this threshold, please tweet us and we will try and find out for you.
  • We will keep you updated about planned engineering works that might affect your journey, including weekend hours. For special events that could potentially disrupt your journey, our Twitter team are available for outside our normal operating hours.
  • We will not sell you anything via Twitter.
  • We will broadcast information about projects and special events that are happening at stations, to keep you informed.

What we expect from you on Twitter

  • Please don't get personal with members of the team on Twitter - we are all here to try and help you. We will always be courteous and respectful and all we ask is to be treated in the same way.
  • We understand that you can get frustrated when things do go wrong but please do not use foul language or be aggressive, we don't tolerate this type of engagement. The majority of our followers don't want to read inappropriate comments. Whilst we don't want to block anyone on Twitter, we may have to do so in certain circumstances.

We want to ensure you have a great journey with Merseyrail … we look forward to chatting with you on our Twitter account!