With just one visit to the ticket office you can buy 3 return journeys valid for travel over 7 days with a Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket and benefit from the following:

  • Save time by queueing once to buy three return journeys, so you can get straight on the train on your 2nd and 3rd trip
  • A new ticket designed for those who are making a few journeys per week 

The Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket is for journeys on the Merseyrail network only, the 3 journeys need to be the same and the origin or destination station must be a gated station, such as Liverpool Central, Conway Park, Southport, Moorfields, James Street, Hamilton Square or Lime Street. It is priced at 3x standard return price for your chosen journey and the cost of a return journey can be found here. Adult and child fares are available too.

The Flexi-Ticket reduces time spent queuing at stations for tickets. It also provides passengers with flexibility to suit changing travelling needs, with the 3 return journeys valid for travel on any day in a 7 day period.

The Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket is available to buy from any staffed station and ticket machines and will be provided as paper tickets. The Flexi-ticket will be issued as three separate tickets for you to use in a 7 day period. The date of travel must be written on the ticket before you start your journey. A Flexi-ticket without the date filled in is not valid for travel and if used will result in being issued with a notice.

Please note that the National Rail Flexi Season ticket is different to the Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket and cannot be used for travel on the Merseyrail network. 

What is a Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket?

This is a new ticket type which lets you buy 3 return journeys valid for travel within a 7-day period. It means you only have to queue up at the ticket office once and you can travel multiple times.

Why would I buy this ticket?

We understand that we are all trying to adjust to the ‘new normal’. The Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket supports social distancing and reduces the number of times you have to visit a ticket office or queue up for tickets. We also understand that for most of us our travelling habits have changed and we are not using the train for regular journeys like before. The Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket lets you travel multiple times whilst only having to queue up once.

How much is a Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket

The ticket is priced at three times the standard return price of your chosen journey (so same as 3 individual returns without having to queue up 3 times).

Where can I travel with the Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket?

The Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket is for our network only and the 3 journeys must all be the same. The origin or destination station must be a gated station.

Where can I buy the Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket from?

The Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket is available to buy from any staffed station excluding Chester and Liverpool South Parkway.

Can I buy child tickets with the Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket?

Yes, Merseyrail Flexi-Tickets are available for adult and child fares.

Are railcard discounts available?

No, they cannot be used with the Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket.