Train ticket options for your commute simplified!

We know that for many the traditional 5 days per week commute is a thing of the past. Flexible working enables many people in the region to combine working from the office with working from home and we offer a number of different ticket options to suit your travel plans. 

The quickest way to check the cheapest ticket for your journey is to use the Ticket Calculator at the bottom of this page.

All Merseyrail ticket office staff are trained on the different ticket options and will always advise you on the cheapest ticket for your journey. If you have any queries on the different ticket options after reading the below please do contact us on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp (0151 555 1111) or pop along to a Merseyrail station. 

Singles and returns - best for occasional travel

Singles and return tickets can be used for one day, at any time of day. If you are only travelling 1 or 2 days a week and in the morning peak (06.31 - 09.29 Monday – Friday) then they are likely to be the best value ticket option for you.

Ticket prices start from £2.40 and are based on the stations you are travelling to and from. To quickly check the price of your single or return ticket use the Merseyrail Journey Planner and click ‘View Prices’ in the results.

Day Saver - best for travelling off - peak

A Day Saver ticket is valid for unlimited travel on the Merseyrail network excluding peak hours (06.31 - 09.29 Monday – Friday). Although it covers as many journeys as you want for 1 day, it often works out cheaper than a return ticket. For example, a Southport to Liverpool Central return ticket costs £8 but a Day Saver price is £5.95.

The Day Saver is now available to buy online. If you’re travelling outside of peak hours, the Day Saver can offer daily savings as well as allowing you to hop straight on the train when you buy online.  

A Day Saver is even cheaper if you’re only travelling in 1 Area of the Merseyrail network. To check the cost of a Day Saver ticket for your journey, use the Merseyrail Journey Planner, checking that the journey time is outside of 06.31 - 09.29 Monday – Friday.

Merseyrail Only Railpass - best for regular travel

The Merseyrail Only Railpass gives you great savings compared to daily tickets if you are travelling on the Merseyrail network regularly, usually 4  - 5 days a week or more. The Merseyrail Only Railpass is available as a weekly, monthly or annual ticket with the monthly and annual tickets offering the biggest savings. A Merseyrail Only Railpass can be used 7 days per week, any time of day, so as well as the commute it covers your travel for days and nights out too.

The Merseyrail Only Railpass is now available to buy online once you have a Metro Smartcard (available from staffed stations), making your commute even quicker with no need to visit the ticket office to renew your Merseyrail Only Railpass.

The price of your Merseyrail Only Railpass is based on the areas you travel in, so to make it really easy to check the price for your journey use our quick Railpass calculator below. Railpass is the perfect option for saving time and money if you are travelling regularly by train.

Cheaper child fares are available for all tickets and a term time Railpass is perfect for students.

Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket - best for travelling 3 days per week

The Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket covers 3 return journeys on the Merseyrail network over 7 days, with just one visit to the ticket office. The price is the same as buying 3 separate return tickets but it saves you the time of going to the ticket office every time you travel.

The 3 return tickets need to be between the same two stations (e.g. 3 x returns between Brunswick and Liverpool Central) and the origin or destination station must be a gated station, such as Liverpool Central, Conway Park, Southport, Moorfields, James Street, Liverpool South Parkway, Chester, Hamilton Square or Lime Street.

Please note that the National Rail Flexi Season ticket is different to the Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket and cannot be used for travel on the Merseyrail network. 


If you’re still unsure on what ticket to buy, pop along to a Merseyrail station where staff will be able to talk through the options or contact us on social media or Whatsapp (0151 555 1111).

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