New trains started to be introduced on the Kirkby line on Monday 23 January. The new fleet of 777s are set to modernise rail services across the Merseyrail network.

For wheelchair users and those who would normally require assistance for their journey, the new trains will revolutionise rail travel.

New trains will stop at different points on the platform to the current trains and doors will open in different locations.

There are priority areas for wheelchair users on the new trains. Doors with immediate access to these areas have a wheelchair symbol on the outside of the train.

The new trains have buttons on the inside and outside that you will need to push to open the doors.

An innovative sliding step will meet the platform edge, creating level boarding for everyone.

Passengers with both visual and hearing impairments will be able to recognise when it's safe to move through the doors, as the lighting around the door will turn green when safe to board or alight the train. The lighting around the door will turn red when doors are about to close and a beeping noise will sound.

There is a designated area that gives priority to wheelchair users. The Train Manager or Help Point are available if any assistance is required. The priority area has tip up seats to create additional space, a support handle, charging point for portable devices and a small table.

Digital screens in this area show network information.

A Help Point is also readily available.

The new trains have wider aisles and continuous carriages.

Wheelchair users are advised to stay in the priority area, due to small ramps throughout the train, and quicker acceleration and deceleration than the existing trains.

Before planning a journey, passengers are advised to visit to view the accessibility map of the network, which details which stations have ramps, stairs and lifts.

You can request passenger assist by telephoning 0800 0277 347 (Freephone) or 0151 555 1111. We will then contact you directly to confirm the arrangements.

Please note the number above is only available between 07:00 and 19:00 Monday to Friday, if you need to book outside of these times please call 0151 702 2704.

We can't wait to welcome you on board!