Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has introduced publicly owned, state-of-the-art trains.

The fleet of 777s have modernised rail services across the Merseyrail network.

Direct input from members of the public helped to design the trains, resulting in superb features which have raised customers’ expectations of public transport.

Read on to learn more about the trains and their many benefits or watch the video below.  


A button on a 777 train.

The new train doors have buttons on the inside and outside which need to be pressed to open the doors. Green lighting will appear around the button when it is safe to board or alight the train. The lighting around the button turns red when the doors are about to close and a beeping noise will sound. Doors have sensitive edges, so please remember to stand clear and do not try to board the train when the doors are closing.

The sliding step on to a 777 train.

The new sliding step meets the platform edge allowing level boarding for everyone. This is one of the features that make the new trains safer, and Merseyrail the most accessible, traditional network in the country. The sliding step has also contributed to Merseyrail being named as the best train operator in the UK for families travelling with young children according to new research by the Campaign for Family-Friendly Trains.

Seats shown inside a 777 train.

There is one continuous carriage, and wider aisles which make it easier to move through the train. It also means trains can carry 50% more passengers while retaining the same number of seats. This helps them better cater for rising passenger numbers, both now and in the future. Additionally, there are spaces specifically designed for wheelchairs, prams and bikes, with a range of seating available including airline style, bays, and selected seats which tip up to allow more room for luggage and pushchairs. If you would like to stand, handrails are available throughout the train.

Help point on a 777 train.

Train managers are available on each train, from the start to the end of service, providing support and advice to passengers. In case you need urgent assistance, help points are available throughout the train.

Seats on a 777 train.

To improve the experience further, USB and plug sockets are available under the seats for charging portable devices only. Air conditioning helps maintain an ambient temperature throughout the carriage as the windows do not open. Finally, you can see your location and journey information on the digital screens located throughout the train.

More information

Exterior of the 777 train, with a focus on the disabled icon.

Accessibility of the new trains

For wheelchair users and those who would normally require assistance for their journey, the new trains have revolutionised rail travel.

Exterior shot of the outside of the train with focus on the bike icon.

Bikes on the new trains

Getting on and off the trains is much easier for those travelling with bikes.

The old and new trains next to each other.

The story so far

Learn more about how the 777s were introduced on the network.