Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has introduced publicly owned, state-of-the-art trains.

The fleet of 777s have modernised rail services across the Merseyrail network. Direct input from members of the public helped to design the trains, resulting in pioneering, state-of-the-art features that will transform how you travel.

Getting on and off the trains will be a bit different to what you're used to... 

A 777 train at a Merseyrail platform.

New trains will stop at different points of the platform to current trains and doors will open in different locations. 

A button on a 777 train.

The new trains have buttons on the inside and outside that you will need to push to open the doors.

The sliding step on to a 777 train.

The new sliding step will meet the platform edge allowing level boarding for everyone.

Doors opening on a 777 train.

The lighting around the door will turn green when safe to board or alight the train. The lighting around the door will turn red when doors are about to close and a beeping noise will sound. Doors will have sensitive edges, so please remember to stand clear and do not try to board the train when the doors are closing.

Once you're on board, you can enjoy all the new features of these state of the art trains...

Seats shown inside a 777 train.

One continuous carriage has been created, and wider aisles make it easier to move through the train.

A vinyl sticker on the floor of a 777 train.

There are spaces that have been specifically designed for wheelchairs, prams and bikes.

Seats on a 777 train.

A range of seating is available including airline style, bays, and selected seats will tip up to allow more room for luggage and pushchairs.

Hand rails on a 777 train.

If you would like to stand, handrails are available throughout the train.

Hand rails on a 777 train.

Train managers will be available on each train, from the start to the end of service, to provide support and advice to passengers.

Help point on a 777 train.

Help points are available throughout the train, incase you need urgent assistance.

Seats on a 777 train.

USB and plug sockets are available under the seats, for charging portable devices only.

A window on a 777 train.

Airconditioning will help maintain an ambient temperature throughout the carriage and windows do not open.

A screen on a 777 train showing a journey.

Digital screens are available throughout the train, showing your location and journey information.

You can also find out more about accessibility of the new trains and bikes on the new trains.

We can't wait to welcome you on board!