The outdoor entrance. Wilfred Owen is written in white on a blue building.

Wilfred Owen Museum

The Wilfred Owen Story is the UK's first and only permanent exhibition dedicated to the iconic WW1 poet.

The museum was established in 2011 and celebrates Wilfred Owen's formative years spent in Birkenhead.

Also on display are many unique items that have attracted visitors from all over the world. Amongst our cache of exhibits is a letter from Wilfred's mother Susan addressed to her godchild in Birkenhead after the Owens had left the area. Further investigation discovered that the little girl Susie was of German descent. This astonishing fact was the subject of a BBC documentary. Other family letters feature in the exhibition alongside artefacts from WW1, including a replica of Owen's lieutenant uniform and his Military cross medal (the original was stolen some years ago from Wilfred's nephew).

Another fascinating piece of memorabilia is a tea spoon believed to have been used by the poet himself. The WOS has proved popular with the general public as well as many local and national school visits. Also on display is an original transcript of the poem 'Sleep Now (for Wilfred Owen) donated by famous Mersey poet Brian Patten. Admission is free and there is a slideshow that runs throughout the day. Helpful and knowledgeable volunteers are always on hand to answer questions.

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