A group of people dressed as romans with helmets and red and yellow shields.

Dewa Roman Museum

The Dewa Roman Experience is a completely unique museum compared to most others.

On entering, you will go into the Roman Gallery where there are exhibits of Roman Chester, where you can handle items such as pottery, try on a suit of Roman armour, fire the catapult and design mosaics.

After leaving the Roman galley, you come into a Roman street which is a reconstruction of one as it would have appeared inside the fortress. Here you can experience the sights, sounds and smells that the Romans did nearly 2000 years ago. From there you go into an extensive archaeological dig where there are many artefacts collected from Chester and around Britain. This is a unique opportunity to take in the incredible variety and intricacy of the Roman designs that they managed to create - without the modern day tools we have!

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Nearest station: Chester

Chester station is a short walk away from the Dewa Museum.

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