8 Hidden Gems of Bold Street

Liverpool’s independent spirit is one of the city’s best qualities. Few places in the city embody this as thoroughly as Bold Street. With it’s plethora of independent eateries and retailers, it is the place in Liverpool City Centre to really experience it’s unique character.

A Day Saver return ticket from as little as £4.45 will get you to Central Station where you are on the doorstep of tantalising middle eastern restaurants, radical bookshops, fashionable boutiques and the finest coffee shops in the north west. However, as the fine shopping and eating establishment jostle for position it is easy to miss out on some undiscovered diamonds for your shopping and eating requirements. Here is a guide to Bold Street’s hidden gems.


Everyone loves pies and ice creams and luckily for anyone living in or visiting Liverpool Pieminister has created a luxurious range of soft-serve ice creams to complement their famous pies. 

Located next to resurrection you can find a variety of interesting flavours, from the frozen yoghurt Honey Bee with honeycomb, honey, pistachio and fig to the chocolatey Mud Pie to the Pork Pie-scream (vanilla ice cream laced with free range British bacon & Bourbon maple syrup, apple sauce and a free range British pork scratching) they’re fun, inventive and taste every bit as good as they look.

Newington Temple

Not technically on Bold Street but just a couple of doors from the corner of Subway sandwich shop, Newington Temple is a fantastic bar for beer drinkers and music fans. Serving a exquisite selection of craft ales and hosting the best in local DJs, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a hard day shopping!


Another institution which has been around seemingly forever but can sometimes be overlooked in favour of ubiquitous Sainburys and Tescos. Matta’s offer exotic foods, vegetarian and vegan ingredients and everything you need to put together a dinner party inspired by far flung destinations. The perfect follow-on from sampling the diverse cuisines on offer down Bold Street.

Dig Vinyl

As records enjoy a resurgence in popularity, vinyl collectors may already be aware of the treasure drove known as Dig on Bold Street. For any casual music fan, this subterranean sonic cellar is still well worth a visit to see an authentic record shop with friendly knowledgeable staff and a fantastic collection of albums, compilations and single. Plus there’s a well in the middle of the shop floor!

Next to Nowhere

Liverpool institution News From Nowhere has been faithfully providing the city with a socially conscious seller to buy paperbacks, hardbacks, DVDs and CDs from for over 40 years. It is one of the key businesses that make Bold Street what it it and it’s exquisite frontage makes it hard to miss. Fewer people are aware of Next To Nowhere a café and social centre ran by activists situated, as the name suggests, next to the bookshop. The venue hosts events and serves delicious vegan food. If you are around the area on a Saturday afternoon make sure to check it out.

Cow Vintage

For those who like to find a pre-loved bargain and err towards the more unique for their wardrobe, Cow Vintage offer a range of mens and womens on-trend threads at really reasonable prices. The carefully curated collections and considered visual merchandising also ensure a pleasant shopping experience.

Take 2

If you’re after a bargain it is well worth looking in this place. Take 2 has a revolving collection of discounted clothes and seconds which provide a boost to any wardrobe. Bold Street has its fair share of higher end shops in the shape of Giancarlo Ricci and Moss Bros but this caters for your more throwaway fashion needs.


Warning: this brand new deli is highly addictive! For expertly crafted pastries, superb sandwiches, pasta boxes and connoisseurs’ coffee you can’t go wrong with this place. Easily missed due to it’s diminutive dimensions. Our Kitchen next door is also worth checking out as a great addition to Liverpool’s vegetarian and vegan offer.

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