Merseyrail Only Railpass

Upgrade to a weekly or monthly Railpass to save money on work and play

Our Merseyrail Only Railpass isn’t just for your daily commute; it’s your key to weekend adventures and evening plans with friends. Starting at just £18.20, this pass covers all your travel needs, offering you the flexibility for work and leisure alike, even during evening hours.

Anytime Return tickets

Travel throughout the day with our Anytime Return tickets

Travel throughout the day with our Anytime Return tickets - the best way to travel when you need to, whether you’re heading into the office or out on the town. With no advance, off-peak fares or evening peak times, you can just hop on the train and go.

Getting to our Stations

Free parking at over 40 stations

We’ve got work and play covered. Simply park your car or bike at one of our locations, purchase your tickets, and hop on to one of our frequent trains. You’ll outsmart traffic whilst saving on fuel and parking expenses at your destination – it’s a win-win!

Join our Corporate Travel Scheme

Merseyrail’s Corporate Season Ticket scheme is a great way to encourage your employees to travel more sustainably in an affordable way. Click below or email [email protected] for more information.

Passengers boarding a train at a platform.

Make the most of your Commute

Two trains at Sandhills station.

7 ways to maximise your commute with Merseyrail

Studies show that commuters who choose public transport, walking or riding their bike to work are happier than those who go by car. Find out ways you can make the most of your commute with Merseyrail.
Eating Out 850 X 350

Commercial District Hotspots

Not just home to good business – Liverpool’s Commercial District is bustling with some of the best places to eat in the city.
Space Coffee 850 X 350

Best Coffee on Merseyside

As if we needed any more of an excuse to pour ourselves a cup of the black stuff, Merseyside has some of the best coffee around. Take a look at this handy guide of the best coffee around our network.