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Metro Card


Metro Card will launch on 2 December, replacing Walrus. 

Weekly, Monthly and Annual Railpass season tickets moved to the Walrus card on Monday 18 February 2019 and are available from all staffed Merseyrail stations. 

The Metro Card will work in the same way, using contactless validation technology so you can just tap through the station ticket gates. 

Passengers who already have a Walrus card can continue to use them.

As with the Walrus card, there is a one off £1 activation charge when you buy a new Metro Card. 

Photocards will still be required for Railpass on Metro Card. Please remember to bring your photocard with you when renewing. If you are a new Railpass customer, please bring a passport photo with you.

Click here for more information on Railpass.

More information can be found on the Metro Card section of Merseytravel’s website, including some FAQs by clicking here.

We have also provided some FAQs below:

Why are you no longer selling paper Railpass tickets?

As part of our move to smart ticketing and to support Merseytravel’s Metro card scheme, we have upgraded our retail system to retail smart tickets.  Other tickets will still be available on paper as normal, but eventually these will be phased out.  This also supports the Department for Transport’s objective to phase in smart ticketing so that every passenger across the UK has the opportunity to travel without a paper ticket.

Merseyrail are just starting to establish their smart ticketing scheme and these initial enhancements will lay the foundations for the introduction of more flexible ticketing which will enhance customer information and customer journeys, connecting routes throughout the UK network. 

Is photo ID still required?

Yes, photo ID is still required.

Why do I have to pay for a Metro card?

There is a £1 activation charge when you buy a new Walrus card, to cover the current card production and distribution costs.  Walrus cards are reusable and customers are encouraged to keep their cards as the activation fee is only payable once.

How do I check the validity of products on my Walrus / Metro card?

Please keep hold of the receipt as this will be printed with both the Metro / Walrus card expiry date and the product expiry date. Also, Merseyrail staff at stations will be happy to read your card electronically for you.

Can I swap my paper season ticket for a Walrus / Metro Card?

We are unable to directly swap a paper ticket with a smart ticket at present. We are working closely with our suppliers to rectify this and will keep customers updated when the facility is available.

However, normal refund processes will apply (see question 8) for your current paper ticket.  A smart version can then be purchased at full cost as normal if you choose to do so.

What other products are available on Walrus / Metro cards?

Saveaway has also migrated to smart and is available to be loaded onto a Metro / Walrus card.  All Walrus cards are reusable and can be loaded with multiple products – please remember to keep yours for both Saveaway and Railpass products.

How will a ticket inspector know I have a valid ticket if there isn’t anything on the card to show what I have bought?

Our ticket inspectors will carry mobile devices that can read smart cards, and will be able to see the product you have bought, area of validity and the valid date.  If there are any problems reading the card, you will need your receipt as proof.  This will show your product details and can be used   as a visual check if needed.

Can smart Railpass be refunded?

Yes, just like the paper version, Railpass monthly and annual can be refunded at any staffed station. The refund is calculated from the date that the Railpass ticket was handed in and will be the difference between the price you paid and the cost of a ticket, or tickets, for the period for which you have actually used the ticket. A £10 administration charge will also apply.

How do you know a receipt relates to a specific card?

Each card has a unique number, the ‘card ID’ printed on the front and this is printed on the receipt. Only a receipt with a matching card can be accepted.

If I lose my card or it is stolen, can I get a replacement?

We may offer a replacement paper ticket if you have a receipt and have not claimed for a lost or stolen ticket before. You will need proof of your name and address. This may take up to 5 days to process.