Disruption Chester and Ellesmere Port Lines

There are a number of cancellations on the Chester and Ellesmere Port Lines today. This is due to a shortage of train crew.

Passengers are advised to check the Journey Planner before travelling. 


If you are trying to contact us, please be aware that we are experiencing technical issues with our contact number. Whilst we work to fix the issue, please feel free to contact us on 01514344401. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused

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In 2016 Merseyrail recorded 356 accidents to passengers which was a reduction from the 362 recorded in 2015.   The most common causes of the recorded accidents were slips, trips and falls which amounted to 43% of all accidents. Another 29% of accidents involved escalators. The most common group of passengers involved in accidents were aged 60+

Whilst it is positive to see that there was an improvement we review all accidents to try to identify how we can prevent similar accidents and keep passengers safe.

In addition we hope to raise passenger awareness on safety issues through station road shows, safety messages and other initiatives

This includes working to try to keep our older passengers safe. Through the station roadshows we have distributed Tulip badges that can be worn by older passengers to signal to Merseyrail staff that they are happy to be offered assistance. We have also worked with Merseytravel to produce a Travelsafe leaflet which will be included in Merseytravels concessionary pass renewal issue during 2017.

Merseyrail stations can be busy places with people travelling onward to local and national destinations.  We would ask that all passengers ensure they allow sufficient time for their journey to ensure that they have no need to rush or run that may put themselves or others at risk

Merseyrail staff are available for guidance and assistance within almost all our stations – please speak to them – they are happy to help

We will be sending safety messages via the Merseyrail App and Twitter and further advice can be found via the drop down menus on this webpage

Bikes on Stations


Bicycle Safety

  • Never ride a bike on a station platform – this is an offence and puts others at risk
  • Riding a bike on any area of a Merseyrail station is an offence and is punishable under byelaw 15.


On Platform


Platform Safety

  • Never run on platforms, always walk.
  • Ensure that you and any children in your care stand well back from the platform edge and behind yellow lines when they are present.
  • Remember not all trains may stop at your platform. From time to time some trains pass through stations without stopping, so keep a hold of children, pushchairs and other belongings.
  • Never attempt to retrieve articles dropped onto the railway line or between the platform and train. Advise a member of staff or use the help points.
  • If you have any concerns regarding your safety during any part of your journey, please contact a member of staff or use the help points.

Automatic Ticket Gates


Ticket Gate Safety

  • Have your ticket ready at the gates.
  • If you have a young child, use the wider staffed gate .
  • If you are disabled, use the wider staffed gate.
  • If you have luggage, use the wider staffed gate
  • Wait until the gate has completely opened to walk through.               
  • If the gate does not open, speak to a member of staff – do not try to force through the gate

On Train

On Train

On Train Safety

  • Merseyrail operate a smoke-free policy on all of our trains and sub-surface stations, this includes waiting shelters on platforms.
  • Do not store oversize / heavy luggage in the overhead shelf. Such items could fall during the journey, causing injury to you or another passenger.
  • Keep aisle clear of luggage.
  • Do not stand near the train doors. You could cause an obstruction, or an accident when the doors open or close.



Alcohol Policy

Merseyrail’s most important job is to make sure our customers travel safely and we work hard to stop accidents from happening on our network. To help make sure this is the case, the No Alcohol Policy detailed below is enforceable under Byelaw 4 of the Merseyrail Byelaws. 

  • You cannot consume alcohol or carry an open container of alcohol on Merseyrail trains or at our stations.
  • If you’re under the influence of alcohol and unfit to travel, we’ll have to refuse you access to the Merseyrail network. All of our staff have received training to enable them to identify customers who may be vulnerable or who they consider are in an unfit state to travel on our trains. Our staff use this training and their judgement based on what they can see and hear in the moment to make a decision. This is often a very difficult decision to make.
  • The TravelSafe policy is fully supported and enforced by the British Transport Police. 

Stairs & Ramps

Aintree Steps From Liverpool Bound Platform To Footbridge Leading To Ormskirk Bound Platform Re

Stair & Ramp Safety

  • Be careful when using the stairs.
  • Don't run or rush when using stairs or ramps, as you may lose your footing.     
  • Focus on the stairs – avoid distractions
  • If unsteady on your feet - Use the handrail
  • Take extra care if conditions are slippery.
  • Take care when passing other customers on the stairs.




Lift Safety

  • Let people leave the lift before trying to enter.
  • If you are carrying luggage use the lift instead of the escalator.
  • If you have a pram or young child consider their safety
  • If you are unsteady on your feet, the lift may be a safer option.
  • The lift provides disabled passengers with ease of access to each floor.



Escalator Safety

  • If carrying luggage or using prams/wheelchairs/bicycles please use the lift.
  • If you are unsteady on your feet, the lift may be a safer option.
  • Prepare to join the escalator and stand to the right and hold the handrail.
  • Watch the direction of the moving step and step on and off with extra care.
  • Supervise young children whilst using the escalator.
  • If you need assistance when using the escalators, please ask a member of our staff.