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Please note, currently it could take up to 4 weeks to receive your fob due to COVID-19

Please only complete the application once, if you apply twice your application will be cancelled.

Please contact Olivia Murphy [email protected] with any queries. 

Cycling to our stations has never been easier. We now have over 2000 secure cycle spaces which you can use FREE of charge. We are also working with local authorities to enhance cycle routes to and from our stations. Save time, money, hassle and stress, and keep fit and healthy by cycling to our stations.


FREE Secure Cycle Storage

We now have 61 Secure Cycle Storage shelters on the Network at 56 locations - Cycle Storage is undercover and is covered by CCTV, storage units can only be accessed with a security fob. To request a free security fob, simply select the link below and apply online, we will send a fob to you FREE of charge.

There are a number of Terms & Conditions associated with Secure Cycle Storage which we advise you read before submitting your online application form. You can access the terms and conditions here.

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Planning your Journey

Click the links below to download Cycle Route Maps for our local area.


Travelling on the Train

All of our trains have designated areas for cyclists situated at both ends of the train. Our trains become very congested during peak hours, so we advise for your own comfort that you travel off peak when travelling with a bike.

For more information about travelling with a bike on a train click here

Click here to view Merseyrail's Cycle Policy

Cycle Safety on Trains and Stations

If you are considering taking your bike on to a Merseyrail train, or using our storage facilities on stations whether it be a one off or as part of your daily commute to work, there are a few guidelines you would be advised to read.

Cycles must be carried in the designated areas and must not obstruct doors or aisles. Bicycles carried on the train and left in station storage are done so at the owner’s risk. For obvious safety reasons, bicycles must not be ridden on the platform or the train. Care must be taken if carrying a bicycle up /down staircases ensuring you take care of both your own safety and the safety of others. If a lift is available and the lift can accommodate the bicycle then it may be used.

Please switch off your rear red light on your bicycle whilst you’re in a station as this can distract or confuse the driver of the train pulling into the station.

Cycle Scheme

Security for your Bike

You can apply for our secure cycle facilities here.

Security for your Bike

Tickets & Passes

What Ticket Suits You?

Take a look at all the types of tickets we have to offer.

What Ticket Suits You?