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Planned Engineering & Improvement Works


Planned Engineering Work

25 November 2018

A rail replacement bus will run between Seaforth & Litherland and Sandhills stations until 14:30.

Passengers can change onto a train for Liverpool city centre stations, the Hunts Cross line, Ormskirk line and Kirkby line at Sandhills. Rail replacement buses will run as far as Moorfields for passengers on the Southport line who want to travel to or from the city centre. 

27 December 2018 - 1 January 2019

A rail replacement bus will run between Liverpool South Parkway and Hunts Cross stations. 

Platform upgrade works

Your brand new trains are on track for 2020 and to get ready for their arrival, platform upgrade work is taking place across the Merseyrail network in phases.

For information please click here.