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Mtogo offers you a station ticket office, combined with a convenience store. 

You can buy any Merseyrailtickets, as well as long distance rail tickets from any Mtogo store. You can also pick up travel information or ask our staff for travel advice. 

Mtogo also offers a range of supplies for your journey and to save you time on the way to or from work, whether it is a great value meal deal or a delicious treat. 

At all the Mtogo stores you can pick up a Costa Coffee on the go with a variety of options to choose from. 

A tasty range of sandwiches are available also, which include a selection of healthy and vegan options.  

Other items are available such as newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, tobacco and fresh milk. 

You can also find seasonal items in each of our stores whether it is stocking fillers at Christmas or chocolate treats at Easter. 

Mtogo stores can be found on our network at the following stations: 

  • Hamilton Square
  • Liverpool South Parkway
  • Liverpool Central
  • Southport

Merseyrail Soft Toy Offer

The Merseyrail train soft toy is now available at Liverpool Central, Southport, Hamilton Square and Liverpool South Parkway Mtogo stores. 

The perfect gift for any train fan, priced at £19.99 each or 2 for £30. 

Mtogo Soft Toy



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