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Merseyrail Only Railpass Online Delay Compensation Form


If, over the period of time your ticket covers, our average performance has been between 91.9% and 90% of our targets as set out in the Passenger Charter, we will give compensation equal to 5% of the cost of your ticket.

If our average performance falls below 90% of our targets, we will give you compensation equal to 10% of the cost of your ticket.

To see if you may be entitled to delay compensation please check the performance figures published at stations and online here

 You must wait until your ticket has expired before making a claim and in all cases please ensure you send us a copy of your proof of purchase, using the attach function on the form, typically this will be the confirmation email sent to you when you purchased your ticket.

This should be attached to the form when making your claim. Claims will be processed and paid within 20 days of your claim and we will contact you if your claim is successful to discuss how this will be paid.

Merseyrail Only Railpass Delay Compensation Form

Merseyrail Only Railpass Delay Compensation Form