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Performance Information


On this page you will find information about the punctuality performance of Merseyrail services.

Train services are measured against the following:

Public Performance Measure (PPM)

This is the percentage of trains that cover their full journey length and arrive at their final destination within five minutes of the booked time measured against the planned timetable. If a train is cancelled or does not call at all of the scheduled stations (semi-fast trains) it will count as a PPM failure. 

Refunds and compensation for season ticket holders affected by delays and cancellations is based on the PPM figure for the period that the season ticket is valid. For more information please click here. 

On Time Figures

On Time figures are based on the percentage of train services that have run arriving within 59 seconds of the planned timetable. This excludes cancelled services.

MAA - Is Moving Annual Average and represents the score over the last 13 periods / year. 

In the sections below you will find punctuality at all recorded station stops for 2 May to 29 May 2021.

KPI P2 2021-22 P2 2020-21
Early 46.84% 58.96%
On Time 81.99% 88.64%
Within 3 mins 96.92% 98.14%
Within 5 mins 99.00% 99.43%
Within 10 mins 99.81% 99.85%
Within 15 mins 99.94% 99.93%
15 mins + 0.03% 0.03%
20 mins + 0.02% 0.04%
30 mins + 0.01% 0.00%
Cancelled 0.89% 0.37%


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Click here to view the Merseyrail Service Quality Report 2020-2021.