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Merseytravel is the executive body that provides professional, strategic and operational transport advice to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to support it in making informed decisions. It is also the delivery arm making transport happen.

As part of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Merseytravel delivers transport projects that support the economic growth of the region. The focus is on improving connectivity within the region and beyond, improving the customer experience from ticketing to journey planning. It is also responsible for maintaining and improving the integrated transport network, including the Mersey Ferries and Mersey Tunnels, to ensure it is safe, accessible and fit for the future.

Merseytravel works in partnership with central, regional and local government, the Local Enterprise Partnership, public transport operators, other passenger transport executives, community groups, the business community and member of the public.

It also works in partnership with private transport operators and manages a 25-year rail concession on behalf of the Department for Transport for the Merseyrail network. The concession started on 20 July 2003, with review dates every five years.

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has procured a new fleet of trains for the Merseyrail network, due to be phased into service from 2022.

Instead of leasing the trains, as is usual in the UK, they are being bought directly and will be owned by the people of the Liverpool City Region, reducing the overall cost to the public purse and boosting the local economy by an estimated £70m each year.