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Corporate Information


Merseyrail is the most punctual and reliable rail network in the UK based on statistics from 2018-19, with consistently high scores for passenger satisfaction and has received multiple national award wins for customer service and punctuality.

The self-contained network offers the most affordable fares in the country and operates over 600 regular services per day, every 15 minutes, to 68 stations throughout the Liverpool City Region, including 4 underground stations in the city centre that receive services every few minutes.

New state-of-the-art trains will arrive on the network and replace the current 40-year-old fleet with 52 brand new electric and environmentally-friendly trains, which have been designed specifically for the Merseyrail network. The new trains will include pioneering sliding step technology, making Merseyrail one of the most accessible networks in the country.

The operator has modernised significantly in recent years, launching trials for its smart ticketing scheme in 2017, working towards moving to online ticketing in the future with just a contactless bank card required. The network carries over 100,000 passengers on an average weekday, with its Liverpool Central station being one of the busiest outside of London.

City centre stations have undergone refurbishment, and a new station (Maghull North) was opened on the network in June 2018, as well as Ainsdale station re-opening in the same year following an extensive refurbishment that has seen it become Merseyrail’s most eco-friendly station and CEEQUAL-rated as Excellent for its high levels of sustainability.

Merseyrail employs around 1,200 people and boasts the smallest gender pay gap of any train operating company in the UK.