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Which is the cheapest ticket?


When buying a ticket at any staffed Merseyrail station you will always be sold the cheapest ticket for your journey. For more information on different ticket types when buying your ticket, please ask a member of staff for help and advice.

Merseyrail tickets are currently not available to purchase online, but below is a summary of the different ticket types:

Peak tickets

Peak tickets are valid for travel on the Merseyrail network at anytime, on every day of the week. Peak travel hours are between 06.31 - 9.29 Monday to Friday. 

  • Single and Return Tickets 
  • Railpass - can be bought as a weekly, monthly, annual or term time ticket for unlimited travel in that time period.
  • Trio - valid for travel on trains, buses and ferries and can be bought as a weekly, monthly, annual or term time ticket.

Off-peak tickets

Off-peak tickets cannot be used for travel between 06.31 - 09.29 Monday to Friday. There is no afternoon/evening peak on the Merseyrail network. Off-peak tickets can also be used at anytime on weekends and bank holidays.

  • Day Saver - valid for unlimited off-peak train travel for one day
  • Saveaway - valid for unlimited off-peak travel on trains, buses and ferries for one day
  • Family Ticket - covers up to a family of five with 1 to 2 adults travelling with children aged 5 - 15. 

Young persons tickets

Passengers aged 16 - 18 can now get approximately 50% off the following tickets:

Child tickets

Children aged under 5 travel for free on the Merseyrail network. Tickets for children aged 5-15 cost approximately 50% than an adult ticket. 

Travelling outside the Merseyrail network

You can purchase tickets for travel on the National Rail Network at any Merseyrail booking office or available ticket machine. 

We recommend that you talk to one of our retail staff to discuss your requirements so you can choose the best fare available to you. Click here for more information or find fares for long distance travel on the National Rail website.