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Long Distance Tickets


Whether you’re going to Manchester, London, Edinburgh or anywhere in between, all train tickets can be bought at any staffed Merseyrail station.

Our staff will help you plan your journey and will ensure that you have the best value ticket, so there’s no need to worry about paying more than you need to.

By purchasing your long distance tickets from our stations you will avoid queues at mainline stations or having to wait for the post to deliver your tickets. 

You can find fares by visiting the National Rail website.

There are a range of Railcards available that will save you up to 1/3 off rail fares. Click here to find out more.

Chester Zoo

Discounted tickets

Find out more about our Chester Zoo combination ticket.

Discounted tickets

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Are you wasting money on your commute? Quickly check with our Railpass Calculator.

How much could you save?