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Life's too short for traffic


In Work. On Time. Every time.

We’ve all been there, staring at the back of the car infront, moving at a few miles an hour and thinking the only way to get to work on time at this stage to is be teleported. Well if you’ve had your fill of traffic jams then you’ll be pleased to know that there are no frustrating tailbacks on the railway!

There is an easier way to get there, with...

  • no roadworks
  • no traffic lights
  • trains every 15 minutes between 7am and 7pm
  • more time to relax with a book or music at the start and end of your day
  • daily travel from just £1.91 with a monthly Railpass*

Merseyrail trains run every 15 minutes, changing to a 30 minute service after 7pm on some lines. With 68 stations on the Merseyrail network and free car parking at 34 stations it couldn't be easier to get around Merseyside by train. 

Merseyrail is consistently one of the best performing train operators in the country, 95% of our trains arrive on time, are you on time that often? 

Simply grab your morning coffee and paper from a Merseyrail Mtogo store and enjoy your journey in comfort!

Commute for the cost of a coffee

Even better than dodging the traffic, on Merseyrail you can travel from just £1.91 per day with a monthly Railpass. Singles and return tickets are also really affordable, but if you're travelling regulary you might as well save even more on your commute!

Railpass is available as a weekly, monthly or annual ticket. Add in the money you could save on fuel costs and travelling by train really is the smartest decision you can make today. For example, swapping a Chester to Liverpool commute from car to train could save you over £1,300 a year!**

Check the price of a Railpass for your journey with our quick calculator below.

Trial the train today

  • Find your nearest station with the station finder at the top of this page
  • Use the Journey Planner on this page to check train times from your station
  • To start saving on regular train travel, check which Railpass you would need for your journey with the Calculator below.
  • Click here for more information on a Merseyrail Railpass

* Based on the price of a 1 zone monthly Railpass and use 363 days a year.

**Based on the cost of an All Zone Annual Railpass compared to driving 54.6 miles 240 times a year at the average price per mile for a 2000cc engine stated on

Railpass Calculator

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