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What's New


Following the Government’s announcement that the Liverpool City Region will be placed in Tier 2 restrictions from 2 December, please follow the below travel advice when using our network:
  • Avoid peak travel if you can (between 07:00-09.30 and 16:00-18:30)
  • Allow extra time for your journey
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times at stations or on trains, unless exempt. Maximum fines of £6,400 can be issued by British Transport Police for those refusing to comply
  • Use contactless payments where possible
  • Wash or sanitise hands as soon as possible before and after travel
  • Remain seated where you can 
  • Maintain social distancing where possible 
  • Follow advice from staff and be considerate to other passengers
  • Do not use public transport if you, or a member of your household, has COVID-19 symptoms or you have been instructed to self-isolate.
  • Aim to reduce the number of journeys you make where possible

We’ve been busy putting a number of measures in place to make travelling on the Merseyrail network as safe and easy as possible so that those who are travelling can travel with confidence. Read on to find out more about what's new.

Enhanced Cleaning

We are cleaning trains and stations throughout the day, every day. From specialist anti microbial cleaning products to increasing litter picking in our trains and around our stations. We have added additional cleaning measures to keep those that need to travel safe that also include:

  • Consistent, round the clock cleaning including overnight deep cleans.
  • A second round of consistent cleaning is conducted by our on-board cleaners during service.
  • Specialist microbial cleaners that kill pathogens on surfaces.

Social Distancing

  • Social distancing signage is in place on our floors, escalators and lifts to aid in keeping our passengers and staff apart.
  • Travel advice and information is displayed across the network.
  • We have also displayed posters across our network reminding those passengers that need to travel that they must wear a face covering as social distancing won't be possible at all times on our network.


Merseyrail Flexi - Ticket

To assist with social distancing, and to support passengers who are now travelling differently, we have introduced the Merseyrail Flexi - Ticket. with just one visit to the ticket office you can buy 3 return journeys valid for travel over 7 days. It is available to buy now from any staffed station and ticket machines. To find out more about this new ticket type click here.


Contactless Payments

We are minimising queues at ticket offices and reducing the chances of our passengers and staff handling cash by encouraging people to use contactless payments where they can. 

If you are not using contactless payments where possible please use one of our ticket vending machines.

The limit of contactless payments has been raised to £45 nationally to facilitate this.

Face Coverings

It may not always be possible to socially distance at all points throughout your journey, so passengers must follow government guidance and wear a face covering, unless exempt, whilst travelling on our network. This includes from the point of entering the grounds of a station, until exiting the network to protect staff and other passengers. £6,400 maximum fine applies.

To learn more about face coverings click here.

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Travel Advice

26.10COVID-19 Passenger Travel Advice (original)


Please note, the fastest way of knowing when you’re at risk of coronavirus is via the governments track and trace app. Learn more here.

Please use the governments postcode checker here that can inform you of the restrictions in your area.