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Travel Checklist


If you are travelling to and from school or work only, travel with confidence on the Merseyrail network, please read the statements below in relation to your journey. If you answer yes to all of the statements then please follow our travel advice. 

If you cannot answer yes to all of the statements, please do not travel at this time.

  • I need to travel, such as to work or school
  • Neither myself or anyone in my household are showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • I have considered travelling at a less busy time of the day (outside of 07:00-09:30 and 16:00-18:30)
  • I will adhere to social distancing at stations and on trains wherever possible and acknowledge the mandatory government requirement to use a face covering on public transport

From Thursday 5 November, government-issued travel advice states that you should avoid travelling in or out of your local area, and only travel for reasons such as:

  • Travelling to work where this cannot be done from home
  • Travelling to education
  • Travelling for caring responsibilities
  • Travelling to hospital/GP and other medical appointments
  • Visiting venues that are open, including essential retail

Please remember that face coverings must be worn at all times on the Merseyrail network, unless exempt. £6,400 maximum fine applies. 

The fastest way of knowing when you’re at risk of coronavirus is via the governments track and trace app. Learn more here.

Please use the governments postcode checker here that can inform you of the restrictions in your area.