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The way forward is public transport


Did you know?... Driving produces more than 4 times as much greenhouse gas per passenger mile as travelling by rail.

For a brighter transport future, public transport is the way forward. As we begin to emerge from the health crisis, what sort of transport future do we want? Will we slip into a future of ever-rising car use? Or can we build a brighter transport future – one that is greener and fairer, that connects people rather than leaving them behind, that gives us clean air to breathe and a planet fit for the next generation?

The pandemic hit public transport hard. Buses and trains continued ferrying keyworkers to care homes and hospitals, but those people who had a choice followed government advice and stayed off public transport.

When we had essential journeys to make, most of us got in our cars. Traffic levels rose. By December, air pollution exceeded pre-covid levels in many cities.

As we begin to come out of the crisis, there’s a risk that these habits will stick. The dangers are real: climate change, pollution and traffic-clogged streets; dwindling public transport leaving non-drivers stranded.

But there is a better way. 

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