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The Train is Back


After six months of work, 40 metres underground, the end of Wirral loop line track renewal is here.

Wirral loop line is now open and trains are running between all Wirral line stations as normal.

We would like to thank all our passengers for your patience during the track renewal work, we're so pleased to welcome you back.

The normal Wirral line timetable is in place, quickly check your train times and plan your journey with the Merseyrail Journey Planner below.

Now that the Wirral loop line is re-open, quickly check how much you could save with a Railpass.

Railpass is likely to work out cheaper than buying a daily ticket and you can buy one to cover a week, a month or even a year. The longer you get one for, the more you save. You also sidestep those early morning ticket queues and no more searching for your daily train fare. So more money in your pocket, more time on your hands. Add it to today’s list of smart decisions.

For more information on Railpass click here.

Use the Railpass Calculator at the bottom of this page to quickly check the cost of a Railpass for your journey and to see exactly how much you could save.

For example, if you normally buy 5 adult standard return tickets between Ormskirk and Liverpool Central every week, switching to a monthly Railpass would save you the equivalent of 1 week's travel a month!

Railpass Calculator

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