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From Tuesday 22 September, following the latest government guidance, customers should only travel on our network for essential purposes, such as travelling to and from school or work. Please remember to wear a face covering on trains and in stations unless you are under 11 or exempt. A £100 fine applies

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Advice for Employers


As per the latest government guidance following the announcement of local lockdown restrictions, our services are now for essential journeys only, such as travelling to and from school or work.

This section of the website is for any employer who has employees who will be returning to the workplace and travelling by public transport. Understandably there will be questions around commuting and the use of public transport, and we have put together information on a variety of topics that employees may want to know before making their first commute to work.

Things have changed and so have we. We’re doing everything we can to make travel as easy and safe as possible, so your employees can get to and from work confidently by train with Merseyrail.

Information can be directly copied and pasted or downloaded from this page so it’s easy to share with staff.

Travel Advice

When travelling on the Merseyrail network, passengers may not always be able to socially distance, so by following the advice below, your employees will ensure their journey is as safe as possible:

  • Following the latest government guidance, customers should only travel on our network for essential purposes, such as travelling to and from school or work
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times unless exempt. £100 fine applies
  • Use contactless payments where possible 
  • Avoid peak travel if you can (between 07:00-09:30 and 16:00-18:30)
  • Allow more time for your journey. If stations are busy you may have to queue and may not make your intended train
  • Wash or sanitise hands as soon as possible before and after travel 
  • Follow advice from staff and be considerate to other passengers 
  • Merseyrail also urges passengers to help out by keeping up to date with the latest official health advice

If it’s possible, please allow your employees to start and finish work outside of peak hours to avoid busier travel times. This will increase the opportunities to socially distance on our network by reducing the number of people travelling during our busiest times.

Plan your journey

Merseyrail has continued to operate throughout the pandemic, and in the last months as lockdown restrictions have eased, we have been able to reintroduce a lot of services that were withdrawn during the peak of COVID-19. From the 7 September we will be reintroducing more services to accommodate people who are planning to return to the workplace. Click here for the latest timetable information and use the Journey Planner when preparing to return to work. 

Ticket options

Merseyrail’s ticket offices are staffed from start to end of service every day for passengers to buy tickets for their journey. To assist with social distancing, and to support passengers who are now travelling differently, Merseyrail has introduced a new ticket product:

  • The brand new Merseyrail Flexi-Ticket offers 3 return journeys valid for travel over 7 days, which means passengers only need to make one visit to the ticket office.

Other ticket products are available to help passengers socially distance:

  • Weekly, Monthly and Annual Rail Passes – click here to find out more.
  • The Corporate Season Ticket Scheme is still in operation for those making regular journeys – click here to find out how your business can become a member.

For more information about all of Merseyrail’s ticketing options please click here

Face coverings

Your employees must wear a face covering when travelling on the Merseyrail network, from the point of entering the grounds of a station, until exiting the network to protect staff and other passengers as it may not be always be possible to socially distance. Failure to do so could result in a £100 fine.

Passengers are required to provide their own face covering and to continue practising social distancing wherever possible.

We know that some passengers have medical conditions or disabilities that prevents them from wearing a face covering. If this is the case for any employees, please download and use one of the Face Covering Exemption Cards when travelling with Merseyrail.

For more information please click here.


To help answer any questions passengers may have about travelling on the network, Merseyrail has developed a list of frequently asked questions and answers. 

What's new

As your employees begin to return to our network, there will be a few new things they can expect:

  • Social distancing signage at our stations on floors, escalators and lifts
  • Queuing systems at busier stations
  • Increased cleaning regimes using specialist microbial cleaners that kill pathogens on surfaces
  • Staff and other passengers wearing face coverings unless exempt

Passengers should also leave more time for their journey, and if it's possible travel outside peak hours.

Enhanced cleaning

Merseyrail has been cleaning trains and stations throughout the day, every day. From preventative microbial cleaning products to increasing litter picking on trains and around stations. Additional cleaning measures have also been added to keep you safe, that include:

  • Consistent, round the clock cleaning including overnight deep cleans
  • A second round of consistent cleaning conducted by on-board cleaners during service
  • Specialist microbial cleaners that kill pathogens on surfaces

To learn more please watch the video below. 


Below are a selection of posters, icons and logos that you can use in your internal communications to staff regarding the use of public transport when returning to the workplace. If you have any difficulty downloading the files, please email [email protected].