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Notification of New Byelaw


We are committed to making your journey not only the safest in the country but the most enjoyable. That’s why we are focusing on drink related anti social behaviour.

Recently we have been working with the Department for Transport in an application to change Merseyrail’s railway byelaws with a specific focus on changing byelaw 4.

From January 2014 byelaw 4 changes (called ‘Intoxication and Possession of Alcohol’) and it will be an offence to carry open containers/vessels of alcohol on Merseyrail stations and trains.

It will also be an offence to consume alcohol on Merseyrail stations and trains. If you are observed doing either of the above you may be reported and face prosecution.

Merseyrail staff will refuse you access onto the Network if they consider you to be unfit to travel and, along with security officers will report all anti social incidents they come across to the British Transport Police.

We would like to thank you for your co-operation and help in making Merseyrail one of the safest networks in the country.