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Merseyrail Sound Station


Merseyrail Sound Station is back and it's better than ever!

Merseyrail Sound Station has championed new music in Merseyside since 2012.

This year an all new artist development programme designed by us and Bido Lito! is launched to support Merseyside’s next generation of musicians.

The programme is based around three core components plus a live showcase at live central train station.

Artist-Led Masterclasses
These sessions are all about fuelling aspiration and enabling artists to visualise a pathway to the next stage of their development through the experience of local artists who have enjoyed a good level of national and international success.

Studio Workshops
These sessions are all about developing valuable and practical music skills, particularly around song arrangement and composition, challenging participants to think about new ways of working and developing their practice.

Music Industry Days
These sessions are all about positive and constructive feedback for our artists, from a panel of highly experienced and esteemed representatives from the national music industry. These include record labels, publishing companies, PRs, industry bodies, booking agents and artist managers.

Merseyrail Sound Station Live
Liverpool Central station will host a live showcase of all the acts taking part in the project with full festival-style production.

The cohort of Merseyside artists, who responded to a call-out earlier this month, have been announced, for more information visit the Sound Station website here.

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