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Merseyrail Sound Station


Since 2012 Merseyrail has supported new music in the region via our project Merseyrail Sound Station. With Liverpool’s unequalled musical heritage and new, exciting artists keeping that tradition alive, we want to ensure there is a high standard of support for the next generation of Merseyside musicians.

Beginning as a talent competition and evolving into what it is today - an innovative artist development programme - Merseyrail Sound Station has always been about championing new talent. As well as forming an important part of Merseyrail’s work in the community, Sound Station also provides our customers with the best live music currently being produced in the region with our regular showcase events at Liverpool Central station.

Working with local creative agency Bido Lito! Ideas Ltd, Merseyrail Sound Station takes locally-based musicians through a series of development sessions and culminates in the live event at Liverpool Central station. Musicians in the programme benefit from mentoring from experienced musicians and music industry experts, as well as artist masterclass sessions, industry seminars and studio workshops.

Running three semesters a year, the project ensures Merseyside’s next generation of musicians are getting the support they need in a constantly changing music industry. Merseyrail worked with Bido Lito! to design a programme which provides the region’s music community with a support system which previously did not exist and offers a vital service in today’s creative climate.

Over the years, Merseyrail Sound Station has ran stages at local festivals including LIMF, Sound City and Africa Oyé providing emerging musicians opportunities to play on a bill with high profile musicians. The monthly Merseyrail Sound Station podcast included live sessions with artists who have gone on to forge a successful career in music (She Drew The Gun, The Orielles, XamVolo). The project has engaged with in excess of 600 musicians over its lifespan providing live opportunities, promoting their music and giving tailored support to their career. 

Merseyrail is proud to contribute to our region’s thriving music community.

For more information visit the Sound Station website here.

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