COVID-19 Timetable Changes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Merseyrail will be running a reduced timetable, with trains every 30 minutes on all lines. There are likely to be further amendments to our timetable over the coming weeks, and we encourage all customers to check before you travel. We ask passengers to follow government advice and avoid unnecessary travel. Our priority is to provide a service for key workers and essential journeys. There are changes to Wirral line services on Sunday 29th March, please check before you travel.

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To stay up to date with the latest service information please continue to visit our website or the Merseyrail Twitter account.

There are likely to be further amendments to our timetable over the coming weeks, and we would encourage all customers to check before you travel. 

Check amended timetables here and plan your journey.

How is reducing the service going to help?

Our number one priority is keeping people safe across the network - getting key workers to where they need to be and ensuring people can carry out essential journeys only.

These are unprecedented times and we are working hard to ensure that we balance the need to keep as many services running to as many places as possible in line with demand, while at the same time ensuring we are able to maintain staffing levels needed to keep services running over the coming weeks and months.

Will this timetable change again?

As the situation is changing so rapidly, it is likely that this timetable may change again in the future. We advise all passengers to check our website and Twitter account @merseyrail before travel for the most up-to-date information.

We ask all passengers to ensure that they only use our services if they are key workers or their journey is essential.

I require assistance with travel. What plans are in place if staffing levels are reduced?

If your journey is essential and you normally use our assisted travel service, please contact our customer relations team in advance so we can arrange to get you where you need to be. If staffing levels are reduced, we will arrange alternative transport to take you to your destination. More information can be found here: /plan-your-journey/assisted-travel.aspx.

When can I use my concessionary travel pass?

From start of service on Monday 23 March until further notice the 9:30am concessionary travel restrictions will be lifted on Merseyrail., meaning that you can use your pass at all times on the network - not just in the off-peak period.

What is Merseyrail doing to try and minimise the impact of catching the virus on trains?

The advice from government, health experts and train operators is clear, you should only be travelling by train if your journey is essential.

To help tackle the spread of COVID-19, we are doing more to ensure our trains and stations are clean, including a greater focus on high-touch areas such as handrails and ticket machines, increasing the use of anti-viral cleaning products and ensuring toilets are stocked well with soap and water. We are also asking passengers to support our efforts by following public health advice for everyone to wash their hands regularly and ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ when they cough or sneeze.

Can I use cash to make payments?

 While we are accepting cash payments, please use contactless wherever possible to keep our staff safe.

How do I get a refund on my monthly/annual/term-time Railpass?

Given the stricter rules set out by the government regarding social distancing, we are currently working with the rest of the industry to revise the arrangements for the refund of tickets. We would ask that you retain your ticket whilst the work is completed, and we will make a further announcement on refunds in due course. Please do not send your ticket to us by post.

Why are train companies still charging key workers?

Key workers, like doctors and nurses, are doing an incredible job now more than ever. But they rely on railway staff, who have also been designated as key workers, and as an industry we need to be able to afford to pay those staff.