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Autumn Northern Line Timetable Change


During the Autumn period the residue from fallen leaves can cover the train track with a hard, slippery coating, which makes acceleration a problem in some areas. Trains then have to run at lower speeds, sometimes leading to delays and cancellations. 

To help alleviate possible service disruption as a result of Autumn leaf fall, special trains run throughout the network to jet-wash and clean the rails. The trains are often referred to as Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV). To allow the MPV to run there are some changes to the timetable.

From Monday 23rd October there will be changes to the following trains:

  • The 06.06 from Sandhills to Hunts Cross will terminate at Liverpool South Parkway.
  • The 06.36 from Hunts Cross will start at Liverpool South Parkway.

For more information on what we are doing to keep disruption to a minimum click here