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Strike Action Overview


There is currently a lot of news coverage of strike action in public transport companies. We understand that it can be confusing when this does and when it doesn’t affect Merseyrail services.

Merseyrail staff are not involved in any strikes, however, strike action in other organisations can have a significant impact on the service we can run. 

Below is a summary of all confirmed strike action dates and how they affect Merseyrail. We will keep this page updated with any further dates announced.


Strike date Who’s on Strike? Are Merseyrail services affected? Service Update
30 March RMT union. No. All services to run as scheduled.
1 April RMT union. No. All services to run as scheduled.

Visit the Merseytravel website for more information on bus services. 

Please keep checking the Merseyrail website and follow @merseyrail on Twitter for the latest train travel updates.