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Regular trains this Autumn


Satisfy your spontaneous side, we're ready when you are!

Autumn is here! The perfect time for trying somewhere new for a meal out with mates, or enjoying the fresh air on an autumnal coastal walk. When you're heading out to do more of the things you love, why stress about getting stuck in traffic, or worry about the cost of parking? 

With regular services and return tickets from just £2.35, we're ready when you are. 

Regular trains

Merseyrail trains are running regularly across the network between Monday to Saturday:

  • Trains on the Ormskirk, Kirkby, Chester, New Brighton and West Kirby lines run every 15 minutes between approximately 07:00 and 19:00, with a 30 minute service operating outside of these hours.
  • Between Southport & Hunts Cross line trains run every 15 minutes from the start to the end of service.
  • On the Ellesmere Port line a 30 minute service continues to run with additional trains between 07:15 and 08:30 for the morning peak and 16:30 and 17:30 for the evening peak. 

A 30 minute service will continue to run on Sundays across all lines, except on the Southport line where trains are now running every 15 minutes on Sundays for the summer.

Use the Journey Planner below to quickly check train times for your journey.  

Affordable ticket prices

We offer a number of different train ticket options to suit your travel plans. The different tickets and which one offers the best value for your journey can be confusing so we have created a Ticket Calculator to do all of the work for you. In a few clicks you can see all of the ticket prices for your journey and which one is the cheapest. 

All Merseyrail ticket office staff are trained on the different ticket options and will always advise you on the cheapest ticket for your journey.

Ticket Calculator

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Peak travel is from 06:31 - 09:29 Monday to Friday


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