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Normal Service Resumes


We are pleased to announce that a 15-minute service will operate on most parts of the network from Monday 20 June.

The change follows emergency timetables put in place over the last two weeks, as a result of an unexpected and significant increase in wheel bearing faults. This significantly affected the number of trains available to run, with those trains found to have the fault being taken out of service for repair. 

With trains now beginning to re-enter service the following changes will apply;

  • Trains on the Ormskirk, Kirkby, Chester, New Brighton and West Kirby lines will run every 15 minutes between approximately 07:00 and 19:00, with a 30 minute service operating outside of these hours.
  • Between Southport & Hunts Cross trains will run every 15 minutes from the start to the end of service.
  • On the Ellesmere Port line a 30 minute service will continue to run.
  • A 30 minute service will continue to run on Sundays across most lines, a 15 minute service will run between Southport and Liverpool after 10:00.

Whilst the number of trains available continues to improve daily, initially all services will operate as 3 car trains. As more trains are repaired, they will be introduced to provide 6 car services on the busiest routes.