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Lost Property


Losing your belongings can be stressful and inconvenient. If you lose an item on one of our trains or at one of our stations and it is found or handed in to our staff, you can be assured we are making every effort to return it to you. Station staff will attempt to contact you if there are any visible identifying parts on your belongings such as an address or telephone number. All items are logged with our Lost Property Department immediately. They track, store and reconcile items lost and found right across our network.

If you have lost a belonging, call our Lost Property Office on 0151 955 2368 or email [email protected]. Opening hours are 7am to 10am and 3pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

If the office is closed please leave an answerphone message giving details of the item you have lost and the journey you made when you lost it. A member of the team will contact you when the office reopens. 

If an item is not claimed within 48hrs it is stored at our Lost Property Office. Travel passes are usually sent to your home address, other items will be kept for three months however any perishable items are destroyed immediately. Any items unclaimed after 3 months will be  donated to our Charity of the Year.

Collecting items from Lost Property

The Lost Property office is located at James Street station at the Water Street entrance.

The opening times are:

7am - 10am Monday - Friday

3pm - 6pm Monday - Friday

Credit & Debit Cards

Merseyrail has a mandatory obligation to protect our customers’ credit and debit card data, in accordance with guidelines set out by VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

If a customer leaves their credit or debit card behind at a station therefore, and it is not collected within a very short space of time, then our staff will  destroy and dispose of the card, and will  also notifying the card issuer where possible. Credit and debit cards remain the property of the bank from whom they are issued, and if a customer believes they have misplaced a credit or debit card, then as per the terms of their own banking agreement, they must advise the card issuer immediately of the loss. The reporting to the card issuer of a lost or found card  by the customer or by Merseyrail staff will in most circumstances result in the card being immediately blocked, which will prevent it from being used again in any case.