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Kirkby Return To Full Timetable


Full Kirkby timetable returns as new train roll out completed on first part of Merseyrail network.

A new milestone will soon be reached in the phased introduction of the new Class 777 trains on the Merseyrail network, as the first stage on the Kirkby line has now been completed.

The full 15-minute service throughout the day will be reinstated from Monday 6 March. All trains on the Kirkby line from this date will be Class 777s.

A 30 minute service will remain in place on Sundays.

The focus will now shift on to the Ormskirk line, which will be the next part of the Merseyrail network to receive the new trains.

Since the introduction of the Class 777s on the Kirkby line in January, passengers have been fulsome in their praise of the new trains. Many have been hugely impressed with the improved design, layout and high-tech features such as air conditioning, wifi and electric charging points.