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Our trains run every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday until 19:30 across the network with the exception of the Ellesmere Port line which will continue to operate a 30-minute service all day.

After 19:30 a 30-minute service will run across the network. There will also be a 30-minute service in operation on Sundays.

Southport Line Timetable Update From 23 August

From Monday 23 August, the frequency of trains running on the Southport line will increase in the evenings Monday - Saturday. Trains will run between Southport and Hunts Cross every 20 minutes, calling at all stations, from the start to the end of service. A 30 minute service will continue to run on the Southport line on Sundays. 

Below you can find our latest timetables or you can plan your journey using our Journey Planner.

Travel Advice

In crowded spaces, wear a face covering out of respect for others unless exempt.

Please see the latest advice below and click here to see what has changed at Merseyrail to keep your journey as safe as possible. 

  • Avoid peak travel if you can (between 07:00-09:30 and 16:00-18:30)
  • Allow extra time for your journey
  • In crowded spaces, wear a face covering out of respect for others unless exempt.
  • Use contactless payments where possible
  • Wash or sanitise hands as soon as possible before and after travel
  • Follow advice from staff and be considerate to other passengers
  • Do not use public transport if you, or a member of your household, has COVID-19 symptoms or you have been instructed to self-isolate

 To read the complete government advice on travel in England click here.

Monday to Saturday Timetables

Southport & Hunts Cross lines

Southport to Hunts Cross

Sop Hc 23 Aug

Hunts Cross to Southport

Hc Sop 23 Aug

Ormskirk line

Liverpool to OrmskirkOrm1 (9)

Ormskirk to LiverpoolOrm2 (4)

Kirkby line

Liverpool to KirkbyK1 (2)

Kirkby to LiverpoolK2 (1)

West Kirby line

Liverpool to West Kirby

1 (53)

West Kirby to Liverpool

2 (18)

New Brighton line

Liverpool to New BrightonNb2 (5)

New Brighton to LiverpoolNb1 (7)

Chester & Ellesmere Port lines

Please Note: Trains shaded in grey only run Monday to Friday

Liverpool to Chester & Ellesmere Port 

Morning TimesA (4)

Evening TimesB (4)

Chester & Ellesmere Port to Liverpool

Morning TimesA (2)

Evening TimesB (2)

Sunday Timetables

Southport & Hunts Cross lines

Hunts Cross to SouthportSport3

Southport to Hunts CrossSport4 (1)

Ormskirk line

Liverpool to Ormskirk

Orm3 (5)

Ormskirk to LiverpoolOrm4 (4)

Kirkby line

Liverpool to KirkbyK2 (2)

Kirkby to LiverpoolK4

West Kirby line

Liverpool to West Kirby

1 (54)

West Kirby to LiverpoolWk3 (3)

New Brighton line

Liverpool to New BrightonNb4 (4)

New Brighton to LiverpoolNb3 (3)

Chester & Ellesmere Port lines

Liverpool to Chester & Ellesmere PortChes4

Chester & Ellesmere Port to LiverpoolChes3