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Clean Air Day


Did you know that cars can generate 3 times more carbon emissions than trains? 

Clean Air Day on Thursday 20th June is the UK’s biggest air pollution campaign, and aims to raise awareness of the danger to the environment, share information and make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

This Clean Air Day we want to encourage people to consider their carbon emissions and how they can make small travel changes to protect the environment. Merseyrail staff will be giving out free travel passes (on recycled paper) in various locations across Liverpool city centre.

Car travel can generate three times as much carbon emissions as train travel, and by switching to rail, commuters and leisure travellers alike can do their part in reducing this, and travel on the most reliable rail service in the country while doing so. Even by just using the train once a week you could make a huge difference.

Win free train travel for a whole year

To celebrate Clean Air Day we have partnered with Radio City to give away a year's free travel on Merseyrail.

Click here to enter the competition.

Ditch the car and do your bit for the environment!

Green days out in Merseyside

Clean Air Day is a great opportunity to get children thinking about air pollution and the environment, and with lots of ‘green’ days out in the region – hopping on the train is a great way to enjoy some family time.

Top green locations on the Merseyrail network include National Trust Formby, Rice Lane City Farm, Brotherton Park and Dibbinsdale Local Nature Reserve, Otterspool Park and many more.

Read our guide to the best green days out for kids in Merseyside, visit Destination Merseyside here.