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Chester - Liverpool


If you're travelling between Chester and Liverpool there are no faster trains.

Even better, Merseyrail trains run every 15 minutes between 7am - 7pm Monday to Saturday and every 30 minutes at all other times and on Sundays. 

Regular trains for last minute plans or your daily commute, there's no need to plan in advance, simply head to your nearest Merseyrail station.

Four trains an hour depart Platform 7B at Chester station for Liverpool. From Hooton there are 6 trains an hour and a large Cheshire Council car park opposite the station that costs just £1. 

There is free parking at the majority of other Merseyrail stations, so you can leave the car, hop on the train and avoid city centre parking fees. 

If you're travelling on weekends, bank holidays or after 9.30am on weekdays, you'll never pay more that £5.30. That's the cost of a Merseyrail Day Saver, giving you unlimited off-peak travel across the Merseyrail network. 

Quickly check your train times and ticket prices using the Journey Planner below. Tickets can be purchased at your nearest station.