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Handheld Mobile Video Tours


Fancy taking a walking tour around the city? All you are going to need is your smartphone and a taste for adventure!
There is no better way to experience what makes a city tick, than by taking a walkingtour.
This is your chance to experience a city ‘up close and personal’ and discover the sights,
sounds and the people that will make your trip something special to remember.

First buy your Handheld Mobile Video Tour map and download the FREE companion App – its easy. Then your special Handheld Mobile Video Tour map works with your smartphone and takes you on an exciting journey that includes all the ‘must see’ visitor locations in the city. You choose how much time you want to spend and how far you want to walk. You will find a tour that is just right for you. See how it works here.

You can purchase the app, for just £3.99, from the following Mtogo stores:

  • Liverpool Central
  • Lime Street
  • Moorfields
  • Old Hall Street