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Merseyrail Wi-Fi


Free Wi Fi

Send an email, update your Facebook status, get the latest match scores or do a spot of online shopping!

We want you to stay connected during your journey with Merseyrail so free passenger Wi-Fi is now available at underground stations.

Wi-Fi is live at all underground stations and access to the Wi-Fi is free.

The Wi-Fi also makes it even easier for you to download the free Merseyrail app, giving you live train times, disruption alerts and the Journey Planner at your fingertips. Click here for more information.

Merseyrail's Wi-Fi is brought to you in partnership with Merseytravel and is part of our commitment to continually improve your door to door journey and experience at our stations.


Occasionally we will need to make configuration changes to the Wi-Fi network which can cause a device you have previously logged onto the Wi-Fi with to stop connecting. Don't worry, simply go to Wi-Fi in your settings and click the Information icon. You should then have the option to 'Forget This Network'. If you select this, when you tap to connect to the Merseyrail Wi-Fi you will see the form to login again.