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Fare Changes


If you travel between Ormskirk and Maghull stations, the cost of your ticket may increase because of boundary changes.

When Maghull North station opens, the boundary point for zone C3 and zone F will move from Maghull to Maghull North.

This means if you travel from Ormskirk, Aughton Park or Town Green to Maghull using a Day Saver ticket, from 18 June you will have to purchase an All Zones Day Saver. If you travel using a Railpass, you will be required to buy a 2 Zones Railpass. Any Railpass tickets bought before 18 June 2018, will be valid for travel between Ormskirk and Maghull until they expire.

Day Saver  
1 Zone £3.90
All Zones £5.20

Railpass Prices

Ticket Type - 2 Zones Adult 18 & Under
Weekly £20.10 £10.05
Monthly £70.10 £35.05
Term Time £141 £91.65
Annual £701 n/a

To find the best ticket price for your journey from Maghull North, use our Journey Planner.

New prices will be available from June 2018.