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Town Green Conversational Place


16 July 2015

Last year the children of St Michaels School completed an Archie Bishop Award as part of their phse curriculum.

The award encouraged children to ‘be the change they want to see’ within their communities. Part of the award required children to take a walk around their local communities and identify places that were in need of a change. One of those locations identified was Town Green Train Station.                                             

To ensure the award produced was of high quality the teachers decided to ask professional artists to help. They met with the Chapel Gallery who were very excited and advised them to apply for an Arts Council Grant.

After 9 months of hard work they were granted with £15.000 from the Art Council to start the project. The children decided the land running along Town Green Station needed a helping hand. They then came up with a plan to transform the piece of derelict land next to the station, by installing a community garden and their own artwork to display.

Miss Stone, the teacher co-ordinating the project contacted Merseyrail to see if this would be possible, we were delighted by the children’s idea and gave the school our full backing and support helping with land surveys, clearing of the ground ready for design ect.

After 12 months hard work from all parties the outcome was a beautiful conversational place, where all walks of life and all ages can spend time, the garden will become engaging, educating and an enchanting place to be.

The grand opening was held on the 10th July, we had a garden party and the garden was officially opened by West Lancashire Mayor Cllr Nikki Hennessy and Everton legend David Unsworth. The whole of St Michaels School was in attendance with all who had been involved in the project and dignitaries to cut the ribbon, a great day was had by all.