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RMT announce further strike action for 22nd December

Station & Service Updates

07 December 2017

Following the news that the RMT union will stage yet another 24-hour strike on the network, Andy Heath, Merseyrail’s new managing director, commented:

‘This strike just before Christmas is timed to take place at the busiest time of the year, with people out Christmas-shopping, attending festive events, and many commuters still going to work before the holiday period starts.

‘As on previous strike days, we will endeavour to provide as many trains as possible, and timetable details will be disclosed over the next week or so.

‘We are keen to see an end to this dispute. At the request of the metro mayor, Merseyrail has agreed to independent conciliation with the RMT, with no pre-conditions.’

Timetable information for the strike day will be available online and at stations in the coming days.

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